How People Become Things

How People Become Things explores the relationship between people and the work they do. In each episode,, we meet someone — or sometimes some two — who share the story of how they came to do the work they do and what they think about that choice now. We discuss the ways in which the work they do works for them, how they knew that they’d made the right choice, and what kind of person they think would be a good fit for the job they have.
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May 2, 2016
Episode 2: Judy Bridges is Reading, Writing and Screaming

I've been pondering the nature/nurture debate this week. How much of who we become is pre-destined by our DNA and how much of it is determined by the paths we take, the choices we make, the thirsts we slake, the cakes we bake, the leaves we rake, the earths we quake...oops, sorry, got carried away there. 

It's a funny question because we don't apply it to every profession. We don't wonder if zookeepers, bartenders, or middle managers are "born" or "made", but artists, yes. On the other hand, we don't marvel at the genius of zookeepers, bartenders, and middle managers. (Well, maybe bartenders...)

Was Judy "born" or "made"? Hard to say, but she's got a lifetime of stories -- hers and 6000 other people's and she's convinced more than a few to "Shut Up and Write" them down. More's the better for the rest of us. 

Learn more about Judy's Redbird Studio here:

Information about the spinoff project, Red Oak Writing can be found here:

Judy's book, "Shut Up and Write" is available from her website or from