How People Become Things

How People Become Things explores the relationship between people and the work they do. In each episode,, we meet someone — or sometimes some two — who share the story of how they came to do the work they do and what they think about that choice now. We discuss the ways in which the work they do works for them, how they knew that they’d made the right choice, and what kind of person they think would be a good fit for the job they have.
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May 16, 2016
What CAN You Do With an Edutainer, Dan n' Jaye?




You wake up one morning and think to yourself: "know what? I'm gonna buy a boat and live on it and sail it around to some cool places and meet some awesome people."

And so you go to the boat store and buy a boat and move onto it.

Later, when you decide you want to add some doubloons to the ol' treasure chest, you find work on --wait for it -- another boat.

Sound familiar? No?

Well, it would if you were like Dan and Jaye, who live aboard S/V Cinderella and work on El Galeon. 


So, ready for some adventure? Then look lively, we're about to shove off!


Read Dan N Jaye's blog, Life Afloat, here.